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CHUTNEY (280g)



The Viscount's Victorian Chutney - £3.49

A firm favourite, slightly spiced, hearty traditional chutney that works well with cold meats or a Pork pie.


Mr Allsop's Ale Chutney - £3.49

A popular chutney made with a generous amount of Real Ale, this a must for most men,delicious with cheese & cold meat.


Sam's Spicy Tomato Chutney - £3.49 NEW

A must have for garlic lovers! Popular with Ham, cold Chicken & barbecue meats.


Mr Pickwick's Piccalilli - £3.49

A really old favourite, made so that the vegetables are kept chunky.


The Abbot's Apple & Cider Chutney - £3.49

One of our best sellers, a lovely apple chutney enhanced with local cider.


Chloe’s Caramelised Onion Chutney - £3.49

Ooh! a must for the larder, works well with almost everything! Try some with Cheese, patés or sausages.

Add it to gravy, with meats, in a Cottage Pie, endless possibilities.


Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade - £3.49

Similar to Caramelised Onion Chutney but without dates its unique texture makes it ideal to serve with all meat especially burgers and sausages and is also a great addition to any gravy.


Celia's Caramelised Carrot Chutney - £3.49

A new recipe, sweet and tangy with a hint of chilli.


The Major's Mango Chutney - £3.49

A lovely chutney a great all rounder, not just for curries, try some with Ham or with a barbecue.


Serena’s Sweet Lime Chutney - £3.49

Tangy Lime combined with sweet Mango's for a taste sensation.


Miss Pegerty’s Pineapple & Chilli Chutney - £3.49

A tropical fruit flavour with a Chilli kick, delicious with Pork, Chicken or cheese.


The Cartwright’s Chilli Jam - £3.49

A hot & sweet savoury jam, delicious with cold meat, cheese, with fish cakes or add some to a white sauce with fish.


Maisie's Moroccan Chutney - £3.49

Tomato & exotic spices take you straight to the Medina.


Tim’s Tomato & Red Pepper Chutney - £3.49

A combination of fresh ingredients to give a clean summery taste.


The Cardinal’s Christmas Chutney - £3.49

A delicious chutney with a hint of mulled spices,ideal with all cold cuts. Available September to December



The Abbot's Apple & Cider Chutney 280g

Clara’s Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade 340g

The Viscount’s Victorian Chutney 280g



Cecil’s Cranberry & Port Sauce  (Sept – Dec) 280g - £2.79

Charlie’s Chilli & Honey Mustard 170g - £2.79

The Coachman’s Cider Mustard 170g - £2.79



Grace's Grapefruit and Ginger Marmalade - £3.49

The lovely sharp tang makes this a popular choice.


Oliver's Olde English Marmalade - £3.49

If you like a darker marmalade with chunky peel, this is the one for you.


Gwen’s Ginger Marmalade - £3.49

Orange Marmalade combined with pieces of Ginger to give a zing.


Mr Wilde’s Whisky Marmalade - £3.49

Special treat, an old favourite with a tot of whisky added.


Lucy’s Lemon and Lime Marmalade - £3.49

A zingy marmalade so full of flavour.




Rowena's Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve - £3.49

A Victorian favourite, traditional jam at its best!


Rupert's Raspberry Preserve - £3.49

A lovely tongue tingling jam, old summer day memories.


M' Lady's Gooseberry & Elderflower Preserve - £3.49

Luscious Gooseberries with a lingering Elderflower finish.


Polly's Plum Preserve - £3.49

A traditional favourite made with Stanley Plums.


Bertie’s Blackberry & Apple Preserve - £3.49

Old fashioned flavours of hedgerow and orchard, a perfect combination.


Mrs Simpson's Strawberry Preserve - £3.49

A traditional all year favourite,made with whole Strawberries, just add to Scones & clotted cream.


Lady Sara's Strawberry & Champers Preserve - £3.49

A luxurious Strawberry full fruit jam with a bubbly Champagne finish.


M’lord’s Blackcurrant & Sloe Gin Preserve - £3.49

A true favourite, sharp fruit finished with mellow Sloe, mmm!


Alice's Ginger Preserve - £3.49  NEW

If you like Ginger you will love this!



CURD (300g)


Francesca's Fresh Lemon Curd - £3.49

A lovely smooth curd made with butter, try some in a thick yogurt for an easy dessert, scrumptious! (Please note - not lactose free)


Prenella’s Fresh Passion Fruit Curd - £3.49

(Please note - not lactose free)


Ruby's Fresh Raspberry Curd - £3.49   NEW

Great with a Scones or as a cake filling

(Please note-not lactose free)



Mrs Simpson's Strawberry Preserve 340g

Bertie’s Blackberry & Apple Preserve 340g

M' Lady's Gooseberry & Elderflower Preserve 340g



All are Gluten & Lactose Free

(unless specified)


Payment is accepted by major credit and debit cards, cheque or via bank

transfer.Postage is via Royal Mail 2nd Class and is £2.90 for every 3 jars.

Just e-mail your order to-

[email protected]